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ZenKids.gr is an innovative psychoeducational mindulness programme for kids and adults that helps them to learn how to practice mindfulness in order to strengthen their well being and psychological flexibility.

The ZenKids programme was developed by two ZenParents.

Nevertheless, the true founder is Sensei ZenKid George who one day decided on his own to start his mindfulness practice. After he started his own mindfulness practice he also started to teach his younger brother and also his parents.

ZenKid George's mindful start was such a wonderful surprise to his mother (a certified mindfulness instructor) and also his father (a Clinical Psychology Doctorate) that led them to take his start so seriously that they decided to start ZenKids.gr

In the last decade or so Mindfulness has spread in the Westnern world to kids of all ages (5 to 75). It has helped everybody to enrich their lives, and to better manage their stress and anxiety. It cultivates psychological flexibility and resilience.

ZenKids is delivered locally in Rafina and Glyfada, Greece. In suitable cases it may be delivered at your own home (in Attiki) or virtually anywhere in the world (in Greek and English). 


Mindfulness in Groups

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One to One Mindfulness

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Mindfulness for Families

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*Sensei ZenKid George - The Real Founder of Zenkids.gr

ZenMom Froso
(aka Froso Malliari)

ZenKid George
(aka Black Panther, Dr G)

ZenKid Tetis
(aka Ironman, Philosopher)

ZenDad Yannis
(aka Dr Yanni Malliaris)


+30-6971-813232 - zenkids.gr@gmail.com

Rafina: Stratou Antoniadi 13, 19009, Rafina

Glyfada: Zisimopoulou 12, 16674,Glyfada

Rafina - Glyfada

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